Reliability zone Our service "Reliability zone" will provide you with full information about firms that use services of Lardi-Trans for freight transportation. The search and check for a possible counterparty starts here!
Profile is verified We do our best to ensure that information about users is accurate and up-to-date.
The icon "Profile is verified" indicates the correspondence between an account and actually registered entrepreneur/LLC. The icon "Profile is verified", however, does not guarantee the paying capacity or reliability of the counterparty and does not take into account negative opinions. Please, remain vigilant in ensuring your own safety and while choosing a business partner! More
Opinions Any company-user of Lardi-Trans can post an opinion on another company and indicate the quality, terms and cost of services rendered or received. The opinions allow other companies to make a decision on the expediency of working with this partner, taking into account all the pros and cons indicated by other firms. The opinions are also taken into account when calculating the reliability rating points and assigning the "Top-brand" icon. Add an opinion
Top-brand These are the best of the best, firms that value their reputation and image, carry out their work responsibly, make payments and perform transportation on time. Lardi-Trans recommends first of all to work with companies with the "Top-brand" status. To become a "Top-brand" firm it is necessary:
  • – to get “Profile is verified”
  • – over the past 24 months, to receive at least 50 opinions, of which 98% are positive
  • – to be Lardi-Trans paid customer
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Insurance Insurance (of freight, of carrier and forwarder's responsibility, employee's life) protects the interests of all participants in the supply chain in the event of an accident, theft, etc. Please, do not forget to insure your property, vehicles, the risks of non-fulfillment of contractual obligations and the life of employees. Lardi-Trans strongly recommends all clients to work with insured counterparts. More
Checklist We have created for you checklists ‒ documents that make freight transportation more reliable and safer. It is a list of basic steps or important parameters that must be performed/checked for any transportation, freight insurance, counterparty check, while choosing a warehouse, etc. The list is constantly updated. Go to checklists
Legal advice Our legal department will help you out at a difficult time, provide you with advice, help to represent your interests in court. A significant part of the list of services of the legal department is included in the paid subscription and is available to all clients of Lardi-Trans. Our lawyers will relieve you of the need to maintain your own legal department!
Claims You can submit a claim on another Lardi-Trans user in case of violation of his contractual obligations. We will make every effort to ensure that the claim is settled amicably.
Search for opinions Find all the opinions on the firm you interested in, make sure of your opponent's decency and reliability
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